JDP At The Courses At Watters Creek

The Watters Creek Junior Development Program (WCJDP) at The Courses at Watters Creek is designed as a Year-Round golf education program. This is a staged or leveled approach to teaching golf for ages 6-14. There are six (6) stages that the Junior Golfer will progress through until they enter onto Junior Team Golf. This can be at the Developmental Level or the Competitive Level at The Courses at Watters Creek.

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$165 Per Month | One time registration fee. This is inclusive of 8 forty five minute lessons per month and it is highly recommended that the student attends 2 classes per week. The Play Days are an additional $15.00 per month.

Suggestions for maximizing your opportunities with JDP

All students are encouraged at times to drop back to a previous stage in order to maintain their current skill level in various aspects.  In other words, our students are able to attend not one, but two stages on the same day.  Furthermore, all students are entitled to a free small bucket of balls as well as being able to play the Futures course at no charge on SESSION DAYS ONLY as long as you are an active participant of JDP GOLF.

Weekly schedule:

See schedules posted on home page towards the bottom of the page. You will note that there is a change in the STAGE and TIME on various days.

This allows the parent an opportunity to sign up for two classes on different days, plan practice times around or between classes, and have a schedule that they know they can depend upon each week.

Our instructors are Certified Professionals and have multiple years of experience helping develop Junior golfers at all levels. This is the program that will get your Junior playing golf the rest of their lives!

For further information, contact:

Judson McCormack | 214-254-7380 | judmcc@yahoo.com