Dress Code


The “Dress Code” for the Junior Development Program is formulated from the Dress Code that is required to play High School golf in the areas surrounding High Schools.



Collared Shirt tucked in Shorts or Pants at all times during class or practice. The student must wear a belt with the pants/shorts. During colder weather, a turtleneck or mock turtle may be substituted for the collared shirt. Also, a compression layer is also advisable in the winter months to help keep the body heat in. Jackets are required. The student can always take the jacket off if they become too warm. Also, during the winter months, jeans are acceptable at Practice Only. Not on Play Days or Tournaments



Collared or Jewel Neck shirts should be worn to class/practice. Shorts or pants should be worn. Also, skorts are highly acceptable. In cool and cold weather, turtlenecks and mock turtles are advised. Jeans may also be worn during the winter months. As with the young men, jeans are acceptable at practice but not for Play Days or Tournaments.



Golf Shoes and Tennis Shoes are the only acceptable form of footwear.

Please, NO crocks or sandals.



Billed caps and visors are advised. If the cap is worn backwards, the students will be asked to wear it correctly or run the entire class.

“Champions play how they look” -Tom Landry-